Accidents, Injuries & Incident Reports

It is our policy to notify parents by a phone call if any questionable injuries or incidents occur when your child is in our care. This includes any facial injuries, bites that break the skin, bumps, gashes, falls, and rashes. The Director and the parent will determine whether the child can remain at the center or needs to seek further medical attention.

If your child should sustain a serious injury while attending Precious Angel’s Child Center, the staff person who witnessed the injury will fill out an accident report. The report will indicate the time of the accident, how it occurred, the type of injury, and any medical attention given or required. The report will be signed by the witnessing staff member, the person in charge, and the parent. A copy will be placed in your child’s file and a copy will be given to the parent.

If your child should sustain a less significant injury (i.e. cut, scrape, bruise, etc.) while attending the school, the staff person who witnessed the injury will fill out an injury report.

If your child exhibits extreme, excessive, or inappropriate behavior, an incident report will be filled out which documents this behavior. This report will be kept in your child’s file. Parents will be given a copy of the report and if there are 3 or more reports on file, Precious Angel’s Child Center has the rights to terminate the child from the program. We ask all parents/guardians to speak to their child if they receive an incident report and discuss the ramifications.

Information Changes

It is imperative that information is kept current. If you happen to change your address, phone number, work place, work number, or emergency contacts, you must do so in writing with the Director immediately.

Either parent or guardian who signs the enrollment forms is authorized to make changes to the Consent Release Form. The only exception to this policy will be if a parent or guardian has sole custody and there is a court order confirming this change. A copy of this must be sumbitted for your child’s file. Please see the Director with any questions regarding this policy.