Children at our School will not receive physical punishment. Children who have conflicts or problems with others while at our School will be encouraged to verbalize their angers and concerns. The role of our staff is to be a helper to positive problem solving. Our staff members redirect rather then punish.

Children whose behavior endangers others will be supervised away from other children but never out of sight of staff members. The child will then talk out the problem with a staff member and any other concerned parties. Staff rarely uses cool downs (sit in a chair for the amount of minutes that is the child’s age, i.e. 3 year old, 3 minutes), unless the child is emotionally out of control and needs time to regain composure. If the child still needs time and has not settled down, the Director will be called and the child will be brought to the office. If the child is totally out of control and all avenues have been exhausted, then the child may not return to class. If the parent can not calm their child then the child would need to be picked up for the remainder of the day. The child is welcomed back the following day. If matters continue, said child will be asked to leave Precious Angel’s and no tuition reimbursement will be given.

Discipline in the form of guidance will always be positive, productive and immediate when behavior is inappropriate. No child will be humiliated, shamed, frightened, or subjected to verbal or physical abuse by staff or by the parents on the premises or during field trips.