After visiting Precious Angel’s Child Center you will be given an information packet about our school. An interview will take place between the Director/Administration and the parent to answer any questions or concerns about the school.

Before any child starts our program, a current medical form for your child must be signed by your pediatrician with all necessary immunizations completed, along with all necessary application forms. This is a state requirement and a prerequisite for admission. All forms must be completed by your child’s first day. All immunization forms must be updated annually. As information changes, please make sure to see the Director/Administration to make appropriate changes.

A $100.00 registration fee per child is due upon enrollment.


If you wish to withdraw your child from the center, a two-week written notice is required prior to the date of withdrawal. This allows us to go to our waiting list for the next student to enroll.

We reserve the right to ask you to remove your child from the program, if in our judgment, we feel your child’s attendence is detrimental to his/her safety and/or welfare or to that of any other child enrolled in our program or to any staff member. A two-week notice will be given; however, we may ask you to remove your child immediately if it deems necessary.