• Experts on and advocates for their own children
  • Advisors concerning policies, procedures, staff, and curriculum


  • Assurance that your beliefs, concerns, and values are sought out and repected and reflected in your child’s care
  • Information about all aspects of the program
  • Information about your child’s experience in the program
  • Freedom to visit or observe
  • Freedom to ask questions of staff (at times when staff are able to respond without interrupting the program)
  • Confidence in the complete confidentiality of all matters involving the welfare of your child and family


  • Knowledge of this handbook and acceptance of its policies and procedures
  • Volunteering current important information (address, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, medical exams, job changes, etc.) and responding to staff’s request for information
  • Exchange of essential information about the care of your child with staff
  • Labeling all of your child’s belongings (we are not responsible for lost articles, especially if they are not labeled)
  • Respect for staff as professionals who work with you to provide quality childcare
  • Paying your tuition on time
  • Providing lunch for your child on a daily basis by either making or purchasing

Emergency Transportation

The School obtains written transportation authorization from each parent / guardian before the child begins attending the program. We will not accept any children whose parents / guardians refuse to grant permission for emergency transportation.

If a child is injured and needs treatment immediately, the center will call 911 for assitance transporting the child. A staff member will accompany the child to the hospital with the child’s records. The parents will be called to meet the child and staff member at the hospital. The staff member will remain at the hospital until the parent arrives.