Our program at PACC includes specific goals and objectives for the following ages:

The infant from birth to around 9 months of age needs security most of all. The young infants thrives on the warmth and caring that come from a close relationship with the caregiver. Feelings about security influence the infant’s inclination to explore and become part of the child’s identity.

Activities for the young infants include movement with legs, arms and other body parts through touching, belly time on the mats, stimulation with objects. Young infants become deeply engrossed in the practice of a newly discovered skill, like putting their hands together to grasp an object and through repetition of actions they develop their motor skills as well as physical strength. Infants explore objects, people and things by kicking, reachning, grasping, pulling and releasing objects by opening their hands.

Our committed goals and objectives are met through the caregivers: interaction, stimulation, touch, facial expressions, laughing, movement and gestures, language, tone of voice and overall stimuli to the infant.

The infant from 9 months to 12 months of age begins exploration as the infant becomes more mobile. As curiosity builds, the mobile infant seems to get into everything in a quest to learn more about the world. Mobile infants will become confident under the watchful eye of the trustworthy support and encouragement of the caregiver.

Infants develop small muscle skills as they pull, push, grasp, throw and place objects in their mouth. They develop their large muscles as they creep, crawl, cruise, and start to walk by holding onto furniture or objects.

Infant Schedule (6 weeks – 12 months) Schedule is according to child. (Parents of Infants may bring in pre-made bottles, cereal, jar food and snacks for the week.)



Our program at PACC includes specific goals and objectives for the following ages:

12 months – 18 months:

Gross motor: pull along toys, large ride – on toys, low jungle gym, large balls, large blocks

Fine motor: puzzles, jigsaws with large shapes, sorting and stacking toys, finger-paint, crayons, self-feeding, soft books, dot art

Interest and curiosity: picture books, dress-up clothes, sand/water play, play dough, clay puppets

Language: reading storybooks with adult, songs, rhymes, hand movement with stories and songs

It is our experience that infants adjust best to new surroundings when there are consistent routines or schedules. Please let our staff know if there will be a schedule change or if your child will be arriving late. A general daily schedule for our program is as follows:

Crawler Schedule (12 months – 18 months)

(Your child’s lunch is to be brought in daily in a thermal bag with an ice pack)

The following school supplies are needed in a zip lock bag:

Box of 8 jumbo crayons, child size bottle of non-toxic glue, watercolors – palette of 8, tissues, hand sanitizer, washable markers and spare clothing

Crawler Daily Activity Schedule

7:00 – 9:00        |  Arrival / Breakfast till 8:30 / Free Play /Diaper Change

9:00 – 9:30       |  Play Area

9:30 – 10:00     |  Projects

10:00 – 10:30   |  Buggy / Outdoor Play

10:30  – 1:00     |  Lunch / Rest / Diaper Change

1:00 – 2:00       |  Tabletop Activities / Play Area / Story Time / Diaper Change

2:00 – 3:30       |  PM Snack / Play Area

3:30 – 5:30       |  Outdoor Play / Buggy / Gross Motor / Final Diaper Change

5:30                   |  Departure