One of the toughest decisions we had to make as parents was who to trust with our 13 week old son. Prior to choosing Precious Angels we toured almost every daycare in Warwick and nothing could compare to the curriculum and facility offered at Precious Angels.

The facility is amazing and the Staff is Top Notch. They offer gym and music enrichment; and have multiple age appropriate playgrounds. Over the years at Precious Angels my son has received the most amazing education but more importantly the love and compassion they have shown towards him is more than anyone could ask for.â

~ The Corrente’s

“My children have been with Precious Angel’ for over four years. As a first time mother going back to work I was very nervous about who I would leave my child with. Precious Angel’ and their staff quickly calmed my nerves and made me at ease knowing that my child was being cared for by the best of the best.

Over the years they have truly become like family to my children. Precious Angel’ has provided my children with impeccable child care all while allowing them the opportunity to learn, grow, explore and have everyday filled with fun activities and friends. The facilities and caring compassionate staff are truly remarkable.”

~ The Wyatt’s

“Both of my children were Blessed to be able to attend Precious Angels Child Care Center (PACC). My husband and I were referred to PACC from a neighbor, whose children also attended. After touring other facilities, we knew immediately that PACC was the choice for us! Over the past 4 years, the staff/owners have gone above and beyond to make us feel safe and comfortable with our entire experience. We love the fact that it is family owned and operated. How many Centers provide a full Thanksgiving Dinner and serve you to all Kindergarten parents. But even above that, I feel that the staff/owners truly Love my children and are committed to them. And, my children Love them in return. We also felt extremely comfortable with all the security in place such as the camera system, keypad, passwords, pick-up/drop-off system, and intercoms. And best of all, there was always a family member to greet us at the door!

PACC always made us feel safe and most of all like Family. Their compassion and willingness to team together to give my children exactly what they needed¦ Is a True Blessing! I can’t state it any better than to say, “Precious Angels Child Care Center  JUST GETS IT!â

Thank You Very much to all the teachers, staff, and PACC Family!
You have been my Family for the past 4 years!..And I will never forget you!!!

~ The DeSimone’s

“Both of our children started at Precious Angels when they were just 3 months old. From the initial meeting that we had with the Director, Ms. Michele, without doubt, we knew that from a development perspective, our children would be in good hands. We also loved the idea of Memere, the resident Grandmother, rocking our little ones during the day.
When leaving each child on their first day, the administration and the teachers were just so supportive , offering to let us view the video from the director’ office for as much time as we needed, to telling us that we could call as many times as needed to if that’ what would provide us comfort during the transition.

We loved that while I was nursing, I could call in mid-morning each day to find out what time the baby was last fed and go to PA on my lunch break to nurse my child. PA provided the nurse’ office with a comfortable rocker and a small lamp for the room to be dimly lit. They seemed to think of every little detail!

As the children have continued to grow up during their time at PA, one of the many things that we feel has been constant is that we have ALWAYS felt that not only did our children receive a great development base, but most importantly, we felt that they were truly loved and nurtured by everyone there. It is evident that the teachers and administration are emotionally invested in the children that attend PA and that has always provided us with great peace of mind.

There are also the little extras that the administration at PA does that I know many other centers do not. One in particular that is huge for me is that they will always offer to help you bring the kids into the school or out of the school. If one child is sick and I need to still pick up the other child, I can call ahead and they bring my child out to my car. When I have mentioned this to friends, they’re so surprised because this has never been offered at any of the other centers their children attend.

We simply cannot say enough great things about Precious Angels and can’t imagine our children having gone anywhere else!”

With Gratitude,
~ The DelMastro Family

“I am so impressed and pleased with the care provided to my son at Precious Angels. They provide a loving environment geared to assist children with learning. The premises is exceptionally clean and they are very valued oriented. The teachers & staff are very open to communicate with the parents to assist in your child’ educational needs. Overall, my experience with Precious Angels has been fantastic, and I am so happy I found a child care center which provides a safe and loving environment for my son to grow and learn.

~ T. Neri  Cranston, RI

“My son started attending Precious Angels at three months of age. I toured about 10 centers and was in serious panic mode until I found PACC. He is now almost two. He absolutely loves going to school every day. He adores all of his teachers and is learning at a tremendous pace! As a parent, I feel good knowing that my son is happy and in a loving, safe, clean, and positive environment. Each classroom has a very small number of children and they move to the next class based on progress and development, not only on age. Curriculum is really geared to their specific level. I do not have one negative thing to say! We couldn’t be happier!”

~ J. Catanese  Cumberland, RI

“After having my first daughter in 2002, I searched everywhere in Cranston for a daycare/preschool facility to take care of her. After checking about eight different schools, I didn’t think I was going to be able to go back to work. Then a friend told me about Precious Angels in Warwick. I had nothing to lose so I made an appointment to see it. My husband and I were impressed from the moment we pulled into the parking lot. The building was beautiful, it was well landscaped, the back was fenced in and it was located at the end of a cul-de-sac with little traffic. Upon entering the buillding, we were greeted immediately and fell in love. It was a very inviting place. The most important reasons we fell in love with Precious Angels were the locks on the doors, the intercom systems in the classrooms, the nurse on the staff, the cleanliness of the school, the curriculum for every age group, the change of classrooms for different age groups, and finally , the wonderful, dedicated teachers! Since 2002, I have two more daughters. My first is now in first grade and is at the top of her class. My two younger daughters still attend Precious Angels and love it. We continue to be pleased with the progress they are making and the care they are given. We are very fortunate to have found Precious Angels.

~ C. & J. Signore  Cranston, RI

“Leaving my child at day care at age 3 months was the hardest decision I had to make; but as soon as I walked into Precious Angel’ I knew I made the right choice! The staff is exactly what I hoped for a caring, loving, fun and most important always there for my child and for us.

Thank you to everyone that works there, you make our days much easier!

~ A. Feniger/Hadar  Cranston, RI

“Precious Angels was recommended to us by a family member who trusted them to take care of his son , telling me the thing he liked most was how professional they were. I agree. They are always professional and impeccably clean but also, I enjoy the daily input about how my daughter is doing, what she is learning, and how happy she is to attend Precious Angels.

~ N. Lavallee  Cranston, RI

“When my child was 3 months old we debated whether to hire a nanny or place him in daycare. We opted for full time at Precious Angels. We are 16 months later and there is no aspect of this decision which we would rate as anything less than excellent. Throughout this period the staff has far exceeded my expectations of daycare, the facility is wonderful, and management is more than I could ask for. I highly recommend this facility to anyone considering daycare.”

~ S. Voccola , Cranston, RI

“We as parents know that the one of the hardest things to do is to leave your 3 month old child with someone else to watch for the day. In 2003, after meeting Ms. Michele, the Precious Angel’ staff and touring the facility we realized that our son would be in safe hands. The facility is extremely clean, there is so much for the children to do, and the level of professionalism is beyond what we hoped for. We also like the way the classrooms are geared toward the child’ developmental stages from infants to kindergarten and that they do not combine age groups. Also, with a full time registered nurse on site and a security system in place we felt like they were safer there than in their own home!
Our first son has grown and moved on, but still holds the values learned there to this day. Our second son is now attending and is always happy to go there, just as our first son was. Knowing that Precious Angel’ implements a security system second to none we are assured of a continuing safe environment for our child. We cannot imagine bringing our children to any other facility.

We would like to thank Ms. Michele, Mr. P, Ms. Chantele, Memere and all of the teachers and staff members who have displayed love and kindness towards our children and others throughout these growing years. These impressionable years are extremely important for our children and Precious Angel’ is the absolute right choice for that. It really feels like when you take your child there it’ like taking them home.”

~ The DiNezza Family , Cranston, RI

“Both of my children have attended Precious Angels Child Center since 3 months of age. My son is now in Pre-K and my daughter is in Older Toddlers. It’ truly amazing how much they have learned. The teachers and staff are exceptional; they always have a smile on their face and are so loving and caring towards the children. They make you feel like your child is the most important child.

The teachers and staff pay attention to every detail and have shown over and over they can handle or assist with any situation. They genuinely share in the child’ triumphs with the parents. I once received a phone call at work from the Director informing me that my child (who’ a finicky eater) ate her 1st hot lunch meal (chicken nuggets)! The teachers even took a picture of my daughter eating her first hot lunch so they could show me. It’ those kinds of things that warm your heart.

I had so much more to say; however, the other testimonials stole my exact thoughts and words. I can’t praise this school enough and know that my children have learned so much before their time due to the educational programs and teachers. My children are happy to go to school each and every day and have cried at times when I pick them up because they just don’t want to go home yet!

Thank you Precious Angels!

~ The Jennison Family

“Excellent School , They are very clean, professional, immaculate, and well run. Have six age appropriate leveled playgrounds, a big gym, music room, computer room, age appropriate leveled rooms (newborn, infant, young toddler, middle toddler, older toddler, and then the various levels above that , your child is never mixed in with children that arn’t at his exact level developmentally), have an emergency plan and generators which I liked (don’t see that often). Go around and compare and you will know what I am saying. Piece of mind knowing that your child is safe, well cared for and being educationally stimulated and challenged is priceless. My daughter is well advanced for her age, well socialized and mannered, and amazes me everyday, counts to 10, knows a mish mash of ABCs, every part of her body and can name practically everything she sees. I am someone that is very protective of my child and finds fault in every place I looked at. I have nothing but compliments about Precious Angels. I feel absolutely confident and without any doubts that my daughter is in the best possible hands. Check them out! Go ahead and compare them to other child care options in the Warwick area and you will see. Some are down right scarey. Mention Katelyn H’ mom sent you. Good Luck!”

~ Tammy , Yahoo.com post

“I was with this center the first day they opened with my two children through kindergaten. I then returned with my third child at 3 months of age. I am amazed at what my children have learned at this center. I am still there and would not think about leaving. This is a well run center. It is extremely clean. They are strict and expect nothing but the best from their staff. They are a family run center, so their is always a family member on hand for questions or concerns. It’ worth it to me to spend a little more to know my children are cared for in a safe, clean and caring environment. They even have a resident grandma to rock the babies. Through the years I feel as if I am family now.”

~ Momofthree , Yahoo.com post

“My children have attend PA for a period of time, this place is very clean, and the children do learn alot. Take pride in family run business.”

~ wssippie , Yahoo.com post

“COULDN’T ASK FOR MORE: I would like to take the time to Thank all of the administration and teachers at Precious Angel’ Child Center for going above and beyond to always accomodate to our families needs. I am a single mother of three, and Precious Angels has taught my children things that I do not have the time to teach them. Everywhere we go my children are complimented on their manners and knowledge on topics that children their age are not normally introduced to. My children have learned to speak basic words in Spanish!! They are teaching me! I could go on and on, but I would recommend Precious Angel’ to any family as I have always felt comfortable dropping my children off each and every morning!”

~ dtgsf0575 , Yahoo.com post